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Thinking of starting a group health plan?

We build, test, and manage group health plans for a diverse customer base within Nevada and surrounding states.

Starting a new benefit plan? For the new employer a group health plan is a great way to recruit and retain the team members who got your company where it is today. Make your team loyal to your orgainzation by offerring an array of employer sponsored group products. FI&B can create plans that create loyalty from employees while maintianing affordability for the employer.

How much will it cost? Let us start with costs and benefit plan funding ideas. Properly set up Group Plans are not as expensive as you think. General cost samples can be made available to you in one or two days time.

Why switch? FI&B has access to the top carriers, products and technology at the best pricing available in the group benefit space. We are happy to offer payroll and HRIS solutions or work alongside your existing payroll department to help streamline account management and day-to-day plan operations.

How does it work? FI&B uses the latest types of technology to provide quotes and options to employers within days rather than weeks. Call us today for information on how we can provide real options in real time.


Time for a better plan

We build, test, and manage group health plans for a diverse customer base within Nevada and surrounding states.

Is it time to make a change? Existing employee benefit plans are supposed to recruit and retain employees. Established companies need to maintain a well trained staff to properly represent their established brand. Today's employee wants different products than the employee you hired 20 years ago. Make sure your plan offerrings include the new products and new plan designs that relate to your new employee base.

Has it been a long time? Are you currently running your plan the same way you did 20 years ago? This is a costly approach that is not your only choice. Your employee base has changed over the past 20 years, why hasn’t your plan? We can help with new products and new ideas that save money.

Is it time for a product or service upgrade? Benefit plans and products have drastically changed over time. Is your current plan advisor absent or without ideas on how to control costs or engage your employee base? Implement some new products and trends in your benefit offerring to recruit and retain all age and skill levels.

How does it work? Change can be good. Fresh eyes and new ideas help stagnant benefit plans that were formed in years past become effective once again. Our methods help you recruit and retain cost effectively. Inquire about benefit plan changes with FI&B.

Did you know? Services rendered by FI&B for our plan management is free to the employer group. FI&B is compensated by the carriers under a wholesale fee agreement. Employer groups have the option to engage FI&B as their broker/plan manager. Rates and fees with FI&B as manager are the same cost whether or not the group uses broker represenation.

Put simply, we are here to help manage your plan.
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